M.O.S. "Mind of the Streets": IMFK 5K Walk Run

May 7, 2019

IMFK 6th annual 5 mile Walk/Run, "You are not invisible", is June 15, 2019, 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., Liverpool, New York ( Willow Bay at Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool, NY).  Donations accepted via their Facebook page.


In My Father's Kitchen, IMFK, started by John and Leigh-Ann Tumino, is a non-denominational faith based organization that helps the homeless population of Syracuse and Onondaga county in New York State.  IMFK focus is on unemployed persons panhandling and the consistently homeless often referred to as chronically homeless.  The organization's approach is through getting those in need to accept that they actually could use a helping hand with no strings attached.  Higher Ground is one of the programs used to help participants get understanding of how they can rebuild their lives through gainful employment.  


LUTG RADIO gave from our wealth, $5.00.  Imagine if 100 people gave the cost of a cup of coffee, $5.00 is $500.  If you add a sandwich then that's about $1,500.  Let's say you share a meal.  You ate out for lunch for about $25 to $50.  If a 1000 people gave $50, you know $50,000 can do a little good for an organization that is 80% privately funded.  Maybe we the public can bring in the other 20%.  $50,000 is just a small image.  You can add on as many zeros that pleases you heart.  Go crazy with your giving.  You + IMFK = Lives Changed!

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