How to fix computer screen time out after 1 minute

May 6, 2019

I run LUTG RADIO.  I recently tried to run it from the cloud like normal.  But as of last week it would not work.  My computer screen kept timing out.  I adjusted the screen lock.  I looked it up online.  I found many technical solutions to do to the register edit file.  But I did not want to add to or remove any files from this area.  I realized I had passed over the screen saver settings.  So, here is the solution I had known about since desktop computers were first available.  Change the time settings on the screen saver setting and you are done.  I have pictures to show you how.


Select the Microsoft Windows button to bring up the computer menu and then select the settings button that looks like a wheel.  It's the top image in the picture below.


 Or you can use the search bar on your computer and type in change screen saver or screen saver.  Click on the 'change screen saver' option for the control panel.



The screen saver settings menu will pop up.  You can select a screen saver, adjust setting and wait time before your screen will go to sleep.  So, if your screen is hibernating after one minute, this is the solution.  Next to the word 'wait' increase or decrease the number.  The higher the number the longer you screen will be up and screen saver will be off allowing you to work.  Basically, if screen saver is set to one minute.  That means you have to touch you screen or move the mouse every 60 seconds or the computer will lock. 


So set it to 60 minutes or 240 minutes which is 4 hours.  Set it to a time that is good for you to work or your desire. 

Make sure your computer does not run hot or have issues with long periods of running.  If not sure check with a computer repair professional.









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