Exercise Worship Midweek

April 10, 2019

 So, I added a new mid-week workout.  I could not find a person in the Wix Free Photos "on the climb to slim and toned" so I posed for my own picture.  My waist was almost 46 inches about a month ago.  It's now 42 inches across the love handles and belly button you see in the picture.  Above the belly button under the breast is 40 inches.  This is a full belly of food.  So I lost 2 to 3 1/2 inches  my sternum to my hips.


Going forward you know the waist will be the focus.  No rush cause the weight did not come on in a flash.  Unless the fat is divinely removed from my whole body by the grace of GOD and toned muscles in its place with no loose skin, I will be working out to get toned.  You can join me at 5 a.m. or 1 p.m. ct on LUTG RADIO .







Rotate neck 10 reps - to right –center-left and left-center-right =1


Arm circles 10 forward, 10 backwards

March in place while rotating hands


Side step for 5 count, out to 5 in to 5,

doing left and right side

Engage stomach and move arms throughout


Jazz Hand circles for back 50 count x 4 (strengthens back muscles and laterals

Mix Jazz hands with over head cross arm stretch

Lifting leg as you pull down

Lifting to the front first, then side like a spider touch opposite leg with toes

Note: I actually forgot to do the spider leg left even after I told you to do it.  My apology.




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